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Sinopsis Indonesia The Medium (2021)

Nonton Film The Medium (2021) Sebuah kisah mengerikan tentang warisan seorang dukun di wilayah Isan Thailand. Tapi dewi yang tampaknya telah merasuki anggota keluarga ternyata tidak begitu baik hati seperti yang terlihat pertama kali.

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The movie starts with a group of Thai documentary team traveling to the northeast part of Thailand, Isan to document the daily life of a local medium, Nim, who is possessed by the spirit of Bayan, a local deity whom the villagers worship. Bayan is an ancestral God and has been possessing women in Nim’s family for generations. The latest in the line of succession was Nim’s sister, Noi. However, Noi did not wish to be a medium and turned to Christianity. The spirit of Bayan moved onto Nim and has been with her ever since.

While en route to the funeral of Noi’s husband, Willow, Nim reveals misfortune always befall the men in his family, the Asatia family. His grandfather was stoned to death; his father’s factory went bankrupt and he committed suicide after he was caught setting fire to the factory for insurance fraud; her son, Mike, died from a motorbike accident. Noi only has 1 daughter left, Ming, who does not believe in Shamanism and attends Church with her mother.

Ming’s family and friends, as well as the documentary crew, notice her displaying strange and aggressive behaviors, along with displaying multiple personalities such as one of an old man, a drunkard, a child, and a prostitute. She starts to have strange dreams, hearing voices in her head, and experiences debilitating abdominal and vaginal pain. She is fired from her job after her boss caught her having sex with multiple men at work. Nim is initially convinced Bayan wishes Ming to succeed Nim, but Noi refuses to let Nim perform an Acceptance Ceremony to move Bayan’s spirit onto her daughter.